The Meeting Place For Women - "A Place for Ministry to Women"
"I felt like a Queen and I'm treated like Royalty.  It's so special!" - L.B. of Martinez, Georgia
"I never experienced sitting on my father's lap as a child, but as I was soaking I had a sense that I was sitting in the heavenly Father's lap.  The Lord is teaching me a Father's touch" - D.W. of North Augusta, South Carolina
"The Lord invited me to soak before only took a moment for the cutting pain I had been feeling to come to the surface in waves of deep wailing and release...which brought a great lightening of my load...He was taking was a burden being laid down and yokes were being broken." - M.B. - Edgefield, South Carolina
"I also felt like He showed me a picture of a shattered heart and the wisdom and understanding I received was "every piece of your heart was scattered and I am putting the pieces of your heart back together".  A.H. - Augusta, Georgia
"I pictured a large ballroom where I was dancing with the Lord...the dance continued for some time and I sensed an intimacy with the Lord and a yearning for God.  That caused me to cry because I have felt distant from Him and missed my times with Him." - D.G. - Lincolnton, Georgia
"Our night began with soft music playing throughout the house.  All of a sudden it was as if the Lord sat down right beside me and began to talk to me.  He said, "I've always been there.  I've never left your side".  Then He took me in his arms and held me.  My heart began to melt and the tears came pouring down my face."
J.H. - Orlando, Florida
"I heard Him talking to me and knocking walls was very revealing." - P.P. - Augusta, Georgia
"When hands were laid upon me, the anointing traveled up and down my legs, releasing my feet of pain...the heavens are open" - D.R.- Augusta, Georgia
"There's a canopy of the Lord's presence and an open heaven in here!"   D.S. - Augusta, Georgia
"I can't describe this place in's like a fairy tale!"
S.R. - Martinez, Georgia
"It is like none other!" - M.B.S. - Augusta, Georgia
Let The Rain Come Down
Cheryl Benoit
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